Wedding suit

We will treat a unique occasion in a unique way. Before you make your marriage vow, I want to promise you one thing – I will make you a perfect suit. It takes time, but the results are surely worth it.

Although a wedding suit is sewn the same way as every bespoke item, preparations look a bit different. Due to the importance of the event, I suggest a grand classic style. We will choose from the range of traditional cuts and details. There will be no doubt the suit is designed for a special occasion. What I take into account are the circumstances of your wedding and reception, the planned decorations, as well as the shade and style of the bride's dress. Knowing it all, I will create a suit that is adequate for the event.


The most important thing is the perfect fit. Having your measures collected, I can concentrate on details that make the final difference. High armholes improve comfort, for they do not restrict movements in the dance. A precisely cut sleeve shows a part of a cuff, just as the rules require. The proper back width guarantees the desired shoulder line. A well-tailored jacket adheres smoothly to the body, and an even line of a shirt’s collar is revealed. A vest corrects the figure and emphasizes the uniqueness of an outfit. And, last but not least, a pair of bespoke pants has a slick leg line that makes a man look slim.


Good tailoring requires good materials. I offer only the best fabrics from highly respected British and Italian producers. The choice is wide. You name the colour, weave and pattern. And I guide you through the whole process.


A formal, tailor-made shirt will be the best compliment of your bespoke suit. There are also classic shoes available in made to order system. Moreover, in my workshop, you will find a variety of accessories – cufflinks, suspenders, socks, pocket squares, ties and bow ties. With my advice, you will create a harmonious set for the extremely important day.