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Nowadays, good quality clothes are hard to find, especially if you are looking for a perfect fit. Only bespoke tailoring can meet the highest demands.

My studio has been established to provide services at the highest level. I draw inspiration from traditional tailoring – and I know it inside out. I have been working in this profession since I was 16. Today I can proudly use the title of Master Tailor, given by the Chamber of Crafts.

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How to prepare for a meeting with a tailor?

It is worth considering the order carefully and asking yourself a few basic questions:

  • On what occasions will I wear ordered clothes?
  • Do I order typical summer, winter or year-round clothing?
  • What will I wear them with?

This will help you choose the style and material that allows you to create harmonious sets with shirts or accessories that are already hanging in our wardrobes.

It is worth remembering that "A man should have as few clothes as possible suitable for as many occasions as possible".

An elegant man goes a step with fashion. Elegance means discretion and dress adapted to the proportions of our body, not following the changing fashion. A well-dressed man is to be heard and not noticed at all costs.

The higher the position, the greater the responsibility for one's own image.

For work, gray in darker shades and dark blue will be most suitable. Smooth suits are the most universal and are recommended for the first or second suit. Delicate stripes are traditionally associated with business attire and are also great for work. However, it should be remembered that the stripes do not fit every figure.

All kinds of pepits, bars, are perfect for weekend and less formal meetings after work. For winter and autumn, a tweed jacket (the studio boasts a selection of perfect tweeds) will add elegance to even the most informal sets with denim or corduroy pants.

In the summer, it is worth choosing a jacket made of thin wool with an open weave, or in informal situations, a jacket made of linen or cotton. For the hottest heat, it is worth ordering a jacket without lining for better air circulation.

No wardrobe will be complete without good pants that allow you to create combined, sports and club sets. Heavier woolen for the winter, thin for the summer. Plus several pairs of cotton chinos (classic cut trousers with straight cut legs), corduroy or heavy moleskin pants. All these materials can be ordered in the studio.

We wear formal and semi-formal attire less and less often. Most of us will never need a tailcoat, but it's worth having a tuxedo for the most elegant evening outings. The dress suit is usually black. Less formal (founded in the summer for open-air parties) are combinations of a white dress jacket and black pants. Midnight blue tuxedos are also found. A tuxedo suit can be single or double-breasted. Lets are always finished with silk in the color of the jacket, a silk stripe runs along the trousers. However, please note that this tuxedo is an evening dress and we do not put it on at parties that start before 5:00 PM.

The daily formal attire is a jacket. It consists of dark gray or black swallows, a vest and artificial pants. This outfit is sometimes chosen by the groom, his immediate family and a witness for weddings and weddings. Guests are less frequent in them.

I invite you to my studio!

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