Properly selected accessories highlight a good style. They emphasize the character of an outfit and express the individuality of a wearer. In my studio, you can find a wide range of neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, scarves, suspenders, cufflinks, tie bars, hats and socks. Refined accessories will surely draw attention – of your supervisors, clients and the opposite sex. A tailor-made suit combined with unique accessories makes an unforgettable impression.

A necktie is typically worn by day, usually with a suit, a sports jacket or a vest. It is worth noting that a necktie does not have to be formal. It is good to have a larger collection so that you can always find a nice match. As far as neckties are concerned, I only accept 100% natural fibres – silk, wool and linen. And only those are available in my workshop – the whole palette of colours and patterns straight from sunny Italy.

A bow tie is an obligatory complement to a tailcoat (a bow tie made of white marcellos) and a tuxedo (a black silk bow tie). On such occasions, it shows one’s refinement and knowledge of rules. A bow tie can also be worn at business meetings or banquets, and as a part of a wedding outfit. It is convenient when one is dancing or having a meal.

Let us not forget there are also casual bow ties. They go well with sports jackets and informal suits. Remember, bow ties emphasize the individuality and draw attention, for they are associated with strong characters. As in the case of neckties, I offer only bow ties made of 100% natural materials: wool, silk, cotton and linen. It is best to have a hand-knotted bow tie, for it can be adjusted to different types of collars (classic, wide, narrow).

Some men reject bow ties, saying they expose one’s shirt too much. If you think so, just consider putting on a vest, which will solve the problem. I recommend neckties and bow ties to everyone – regardless of age and sex. The sense of style and a little dose of auto irony, are always appreciated.

A pocket square is something both for traditionalists and those who like modern fashion. It is an element of classic style which has become very much en vogue these days. The colour and pattern of a pocket square should not be too similar to other parts of an outfit. Pocket squares were invented to catch an eye. The exception is a white pocket square, a proper element of formal outfits. As far as white tie, black tie or wedding dress codes are concerned, a white linen pocket square is the best choice.

The studio offers carefully selected accessories from the most beautiful collections of our trusted Italian producers. Everyone will certainly find something matching preferences. I hope our accessories will inspire you to play with style, just like they do it in Milan, Paris, London and New York. Let us be dandy!