Bespoke for Men

Bespoke tailoring grants total freedom of shapes, proportions and styles. Each design is a unique story, basing on my own creativity and a customer’s preferences. I adhere to traditional methods that require patience. The whole process of creating a bespoke piece of clothing takes about 6 weeks. During this period the cutting will be tried on and corrected several times. Everything to achieve the perfect fit.

True bespoke needs true craftsmanship. As you order in my workshop, you can be sure that over 70% of stitches are handmade. To shape the form of clothes, I use canvas made of natural linen and horsehair, which are manually quilted. Thanks to this an item’s structure is elastic, airy and durable. Effect? Your clothes will keep the desired form for many years.

In my studio, you will find a wide selection of top-class fabrics – mostly Italian and English. Looking for the right one for you, we will choose from a range of colours, weaves, patterns and textures.

I have experience in creating all types of elegant clothes: suits, including tuxedos, jackets, vests, trousers, outerwear and shirts. In my workshop, you will also find classic shoes (available in made to order system) and accessories, selected from the most interesting Polish and foreign manufactories. You can easily complete the look with ties and bow ties, pocket squares, buttonhole pins, shawls, suspenders, socks and hats. Everything in one place.


The price of clothes depends on many factors. The value of my service is determined by the type of construction, the choice of fabrics and buttons (buffalo horn or mother of pearl), embroidered initials, and time-consuming details, such as hand-sewn holes or stitches.

Bespoke tailoring opens the way to discovering a truly individual style. Coming from old traditions, it follows the spirit of our times and is suitable for men of all ages.