Bespoke for Women

The process of creating bespoke clothing for women is based on the same principles that apply to men’s tailoring. Detailed measurements and almost entirely manual sewing allow creating a completely individualized and unique attire.

The beauty of a woman deserves the highest attention, and only bespoke method gives it a proper setting. This way I can use the whole potential of the craft.

The main objective is to emphasize the values of a figure and skilfully hide its imperfections. In the search for the desired effect, I carefully choose the cut, pattern, colours and materials. I am guided by my theoretical knowledge, many years of experience and, most importantly, my customer’s preferences.


In my workshop you can order clothes for every occasion: suits, business and sports jackets, pants, skirts, vests, overcoats and all types of dresses – including evening gowns and, of course, wedding dresses. The designs are adjusted to the circumstances in which an item is meant to be used.

What I am especially proud of our women’s bespoke suits. Such orders take time but the result is certainly worth the wait. A modern woman in a perfect suit exudes beauty and self-confidence. The effect is unforgettable.