The choice of fabric is one of the crucial decisions in the process of creating a bespoke piece of clothing. What must be taken into account are customer’s colour preferences and type of beauty, as well as the time of year and occasions for which the ordered item is intended. Having chosen the right fabric, one can achieve the desired visual effect and the highest comfort possible. Therefore, at the beginning of cooperation, we need time to find the right material.

My collection of fabrics is the fruit of many years of cooperation with the world's most respected producers, mainly from Italy and Great Britain. They guarantee top-class quality.

I offer natural materials, especially those made of 100% wool, and those that contain additions of luxury fibres, such as cashmere and silk. If you are looking for something informal, I recommend Scottish tweeds (thick wool with durable weave and beautiful colours) or interesting houndstooth and checked materials (glen check, gingham, tartan, tattersall, windowpane, madras). As far as formal wear is concerned, I suggest English tennis stripes or Italian supercenter (light merino wool with fancy designs).

he choice is very wide and includes cotton and linen materials as well. But there is only one queen of bespoke tailoring – wool. It grants the best protection against cold weather, breathes well and also absorbs moisture from one’s body, transmitting it outside. Thanks to the elasticity of the fibres, woollen materials do not wrinkle easily. What is more, wool is relatively resistant to odours. The structure of its fibres makes them self-cleaning, to some extent. Therefore, the clothes made of wool do not require frequent washing. That is why woollen materials are the greatest basis for a bespoke piece of clothing, which will serve for many years.


For the warm season, we recommend woollen fabrics of loose weave (cool wool) – they look elegant and provide excellent breathability. A less formal alternative is of course linen and cotton. Jackets for heat, in the Neapolitan style, are made without any lining, to give the best air circulation. In winter, the best choice would be tweeds and other heavy materials.


I create a place where style is discussed. I am not interested in fashion, but what is permanent and adapted to your own preferences. As we choose colours and combine patterns, only our imagination sets the limit. Especially when we speak of linings, made of silk or viscose with fancy prints.


If you want to see the full range of fabrics, I invite you to my studio.